How To Lose 22lbs In One Week (egg diet)

What’s up welcome back to my blog today we’re going to be going over the egg diet, and let me just tell you, I thought this is going to be a really good idea and I was going to be so fit and so skinny and just really toned And it was literally the worst thing I could have ever done to my body, so I’m pretty much just going to be telling you guys my experience with this diet and why you shouldn’t do

So I made this article about a month ago and I was actually not going to edit it at all or even post it on my youtube blog. But I did mention it on my community tab and you guys really wanted to see it and you kept requesting it and the reason why you guys kept requesting. It was because you wanted practical and easy ways to lose weight or just get fit. But let me just tell you: this is not the way to do it, because this diet sucked a lot so before this article gets started.

I just wanted to remind you guys that everyone is beautiful in their own way and there’s no such thing as a perfect body or a perfect shape or size, or anything like that. So this article was made as an experiment only it wasn’t to like promote dieting. Cuz, I don’t even really believe in dieting to begin with, but I’ll get into all that at the end of the article so about a month ago, I stumbled upon this article on my recommended titled.

I lost 15 pounds in seven days, so naturally I was really intrigued to read the article and see her results, see who this girl was and see what she was doing to lose all this weight. Basically, the article is about this girl who follows an egg diet. Strictly and she is only eating like 900 calories a day which is nothing, it doesn’t even cut the minimum you’re supposed to have like 1200. I believe a day nope.

How many calories should I be eating if I’m 21 years old, so I just looked it up online because I was actually really curious and you’re supposed to be having 1800 calories if you’re from ages 14 to 18, if you’re from ages 18 to 30 you’re supposed To be having 2,000 calories, so this girl was about probably like 15 16 years old and she was only having 900 calories. So in the article she says she got her diet from another youtuber and her name is versatile, Vicky, and so I went to look for the egg diet.

One and I found it – and this is the breakthrough of the diet so for breakfast you’re supposed to help three boiled eggs and one cup of green team whenever you want to eat lunch, you’re supposed to have three more boiled eggs, one apple and one cup of Green tea, if you want a little snack or something you can have one apple and that’s it with a cup of green tea and then for dinner. You get to have a whole one cup of oatmeal with guess what a cup of green tea! She also mentions that if you’re, hungry or you’re feeling like you want to eat something else, you can have carrots or cucumbers, that’s it.

So, after reading this article, 50 % of me was like. I want to try it and I want to see the results, because this girl literally lost 22 pounds and then the other 50 % of me was like. Don’t do it Carla. This does not seem healthy, so I ended up doing the diet. So, let’s start with day one, my starting weight was 121 and I’m just going to let you guys see the footage that I took that day. Okay, guys so it’s day, 1 and so far I’ve had five eggs.1519321899-hard-boiled-eggs-horizontal.jpg

I’r about to go to work. I start work at 3:00. I just finished my lunch right now. I’r going to eat like my dinner there so I’ll be eating dinner around. Like 6:00, I’m getting oatmeal from Starbucks, I’m going to have all the calories and stuff on the screen, but so far I’m actually pretty full. I’ve only had five eggs. I had one before the gym and I had two after the gym and then I just had two more right now.

At 2:30 I didn’t have three cuz. I was still full from the exit I had after the gym, so I can’t wait to eat my Apple and my oatmeal at work. I’ll, keep you guys updated so for day one. I completely forgot about the second Apple. I only had one Apple the whole day with the oatmeal which, by the way, was so freakin disgusting. I was miserable and so sad eating that as my dinner, so overall, what I had all day came to about 700 calories yeah.

It was like not good so then I went to bed right away as soon as I got home from work and then the next day I waited myself and I was 117 pounds or, like 117 point 2. So this is the footage that I got from day. Two it’s day, two of my egg diet – and I just went on the scale and I’m 117 point it’s already like working, but also I haven’t, eaten anything so can’t wait to have my three eggs this morning and I make three eggs for lunch.

That’s like almost four pounds that I lost overnight and the reason why I saw such a drastic change with, because I literally starved myself the day before that weighed 700 calories. That’s literally nothing and I was burning calories throughout the day too, because I was walking and I was at work so yeah that was really unhealthy. So for day two I had three scrambled eggs for breakfast. With my cup of green tea for lunch, I decided to just live it up and have some feta cheese on my eggs with some avocado instead of the Apple and versatile.

Vicky also said that we were only allowed to eat boiled eggs, but I did mine scrambled. So just kidding, but not really do you want to make a hobo appearance yeah I do so anyway for dinner. I had disgusting oatmeal again and I told myself that I was going to have a different dinner, but I was like just suck it up Carla and do it for the article. So my total calories for day two were actually around 900 calories because I added the feta cheese and the avocado.

So on day three I woke up and I was 116 point eight and I was like wow. I keep losing weight. I was feeling so weird. I woke up and I was like super lazy I was like I don’t even want to get up. I just want to go back to sleep because I don’t feel normal. I felt actually kind of weak, so I just went back to bed then woke up again and then I was like. I need to wake up and get up and make breakfast.

So I made three scrambled eggs again, and this is the footage from that. I’r eating my three eggs, so I just filmed the article about the time I got cheated on if you guys want to check that out I’ll link it over here, it’s like 11:30 a.M. And I am eating my three eggs. So far. This diet is okay. I mean so in day three. I have to go to work and by the time lunch came around, all of my co-workers were having fun foods, they were having pizza and pasta and chick-fil-a, and I was like don’t want to eat eggs again, so I actually gave up on the diet, and I Had some grilled chicken from chick-fil-a, oh yeah, long story short, this diet really sucked.

This is literally like starving yourself and it’s not healthy whatsoever. There are many many many other ways to have a healthy lifestyle and to lose weight organically. So here are some healthy alternatives that you guys can do instead of this egg diet. Balanced is super super important. You can have ice cream one day and then just pick not to have ice cream. The other day, like don’t, have ice cream every day.

Obviously, if you just have to be a little bit more conscious of what you’re putting into your body so before I even started this article, I was kind of just eating whatever I wanted and I was eating kind of unhealthy, I was eating like a lot of Ice cream because I’m so weak for ice cream and I work at the mall. So all the food court is like kind of unhealthy and the really healthy stuff is more expensive, so naturally yeah just be like yeah.

Let’s get the five dollar pizza instead of the eleven dollar salad, and then I realized that I had to be a little bit more conscious about what I’m eating and what I’m putting into my body, because it’s so important to maintain a healthy diet. Today I wan na help chick-fil-a, instead of getting like a sandwich, I get like the grilled Nuggets instead or like the grilled sandwich, which is a lot healthier than like a 600 calorie sandwich.

So I pick between the healthier alternative a lot of times. We find ourselves bored or like reading YouTube articles. I know when I edit. I need to have a snack, but in reality I’m just bored and I just want to be like munching on something and if you are going to do that, you can do a snack. Such as popcorn, which is really low on calories and you’ll, still be having something to do, but most of the times we’re just bored.

So just be aware of that. It’s also extremely important to stay hydrated and drink tons of water, because the more water that you have the less hungry you’ll be because sometimes you think you’re hungry, but you’re actually just thirsty and like when you drink water, then you feel a little bit better. So overeating is definitely not a good thing either. One of the things I’ll always remember about my nutrition class in college is when my professor told us to just analyze as we’re eating.

If you get full, don’t keep eating because you’re already full just be conscious of when you’re full and if you’re full put your food away, save it for later and then you can have it later on. But overeating is so common and sometimes we don’t even notice that I’m currently really happy with the way. I am at I’m happy with my body and obviously there’s always room for improvement, but every day I’m working on improving myself, but I’m doing it in a healthy way.

So I’m going to the gym everyday and I’m just trying to stay active and be conscious of what I eat and yeah. I hope that this article was helpful and that you guys learned a thing or two, if you guys want me to do more articles like this talking about health or maybe like a workout routine or what I eat in a day. Let me know so yeah guys. Thank you guys so much for reading this article. Don’t do the egg diet.poached-eggs-9.jpg

Today’s shout-out goes out to muddy Evelyn’s again later. Thank you so much for reading my articles. If you want a post on vacation, shout out make sure to have your post notifications on and then send me a screenshot on my Instagram. If you guys aren’t subscribed to my blog it’d mean a lot if you subscribed and don’t forget to like this article, if you want me to make more articles like this, I love you guys.

So much and I’ll see you guys next time.

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