Burlap Christmas Stockings Set of 4 Pack

  • 🐶 DON’T FORGET ABOUT YOUR DOG! Give a dog bone stocking to your pets
    this Christmas. These are made of high quality burlap & cotton
    materials. Your paw friends will definitely look forward to seeing
    what’s inside the pet stockings Christmas dog hanging on the fireplace
    mantel. Perfect for your family, pets, and home decoration!

  • 🐶 LARGE ENOUGH for TREATS AND TOYS. The dog Christmas stocking comes in
    the size of 16.5 inch x 10.2 inch. Lots of pet treats, toys, and
    presents will fit in each dog stocking. You can even hide a stuffed
    animal inside. More space means more goodies for them. Guess they won’t
    complain about receiving a lot of love from you! Store them easily and
    use them again in the next season.

  • 🐶 YOUR DOGS WILL LOVE IT! Who’s a good dog that deserves pet Christmas
    stockings full of gifts? Arfff! Arfff! Get your pets excited to turn
    around and wag their furry tails in front of it. Whether you choose new
    grooming products or dog treats, there are endless gift ideas for your
    pet’s stocking stuffing. Train your pets to pull his or her gifts from
    the stockings on their own. They’ll love to eat delicious goodies on the

  • 🐶 HANGING FEATURE INCLUDED. Now your dog can be included in the
    Christmas celebration with these pet stockings Christmas dog. The
    stocking is made of burlap and fully lined. It is finished with an
    accent burlap bow and each stocking has a hanging loop. The Christmas
    stocking dog can be stuffed all the way to the bottom – plenty of room
    for dog treats!

  • 🐶 GREAT CHRISTMAS DECOR. Hang these cute puppy stocking Christmas under
    the Christmas tree or at the fireplace. The stockings are absolutely
    adorable additions to your stocking wall. The classic, special,
    bone-shaped design adds a luxurious look to your decorations. Perfect
    for decorating your house, dog house, party venues, and so on!

Stocking to Fill Dog Treats and Goodies

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