Cold Laser Therapy Device for Equines

Cold laser therapy
for equines has the benefits of traditional pain relief methods but
without many of the drawbacks associated with alternative forms of
equine pain relief and wound care. Cold laser, also called Low Light Laser Therapy or LLLT, therapy has been used since the 1960s to provide pain relief and healing.

Cold laser therapy (LLLT) is thought to work
when the light an LLLT device emits passes through the skin into the
body, where it stimulates the energy and respiration centers of cells –
mitochondria – resulting in greater cell energy, communication,
nutrition, growth and life.

LLLT is used to reduce inflammation, the most
common cause of musculoskeletal pain. Research has shown that it reduces
the cells and enzymes responsible for causing inflammation and
increases antioxidant and anti-inflammatory enzymes.

Each laser has two sets of beams. Ten 650
nanometer laser beams are set around the perimeter of the device head.
They reach a depth of 2-3 centimeters in depth and are perfect for
reaching acupressure points as well as more surface level issues like
skin and hair.

The center of the device head has Five 808
nanometer laser beams, which penetrate much deeper tissue – 4-6
centimeters deep, As such, the lasers can penetrate rotator cuffs,
static nerve pain, lower back pain, tissue injuries and inflammation.

Cold lasers, or LLLT, are NOT recommended for cancerous areas or where
cancer was removed. Like any other equipment, LLLT should never be used
to treat eyes unless it is being done so by a veterinarian with proper
training, as it is very easy to do more damage. It is NOT recommend for
use if pregnant. Never use LLLT near the thyroid.

cold laser therapy for horses

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