Can Jumbo Reverse Mortgages Help You During Economic Uncertainty?

Just like with most recessions, the coronavirus outbreak has businesses and investors looking for opportunities to leverage. To put it simply, this is the idea of using borrowed capital or different financial instruments to multiply the possible return. There has been an increase in the interest from CEOs and business executives in jumbo reverse mortgages. A lot of these clients were referred by financial experts looking for a buffer from the economic volatility as well as the loss of income that are being faced now by their clients.


Specially designed for homeowners who are above 60 years old with higher home values, jumbo reverse mortgages provide the following benefits versus the conventional HECM reverse mortgage loans.


Benefits Of Jumbo Reverse Mortgages


Larger lending limits is the first advantage of jumbo reverse mortgages. Traditional reverse mortgages have a limit of $765,600 while a jumbo reverse mortgage loan can give you a loan of as much as $4 million. The amount you will be able to borrow will depend on the value of your house, your age, the interest rates and how much you own on your home.


If you take out a jumbo or proprietary reverse mortgage, you can choose to get the full proceeds of the loans immediately. It will be up to you to ensure that the funds will last throughout your retirement. On the other hand, conventional reverse mortgages do not let you to take all of the proceeds in just one time. Full proceeds from the conventional reverse mortgage funds will be spread out over a period of one year.


It does not need an FHA approval. Reverse mortgages Myrtle Beach are guaranteed by the FHA generally have higher upfront fees compared to jumbo or proprietary options. Another benefit is lower fees. A jumbo reverse mortgage don’t’ need upfront mortgage insurance, which means it’s a lower cost option for borrowers who are qualified.


Generally, those who are interested in taking out a jumbo reverse mortgages are high net worth families or individuals that know the advantages of leveraging housing wealth. Homeowners who are at least sixty years old have built up a record of as much as $7.23 trillion of unutilized housing wealth as of the first quarter of this year, as per the data offered by the National Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association (NRMLA) along with data analytics that came from RiskSpan. Especially in times of uncertainty or during instances where income or cash flow is affected, know the idea of leverage could make a difference in the survivability of someone’s financial wellbeing.


Just like conventional government backed HECM reverse mortgages, a jumbo reverse mortgage is a non recourse loan. It means neither the heir nor the borrowers will be liable for any amount of the mortgage that goes beyond the value of the home once the loan is repaid.


Another benefit offered by a jumbo reverse mortgage loan is that it can pay off as well as replace conventional mortgage loans, cutting back the burden of a required monthly payment and leading to immediate savings, which is helpful in the situation these days.


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