How To Prepare And Sell – Real Estate School

You also need to determine what you are really willing to accept as a sales price once haggling is completed. With real estate commissions of six percent, you are looking at immediately saving tens of thousands of dollars in commissions. This is why picking your representation is very important

Bay is one of the best ways not only to create exposure for your property but also to increase traffic to your web site and build buyer’s list. The essential difference between selling, and sales, is, selling is the process, while sales, is the closing, of the deal! 2. Bay has over 147 million active buyers and is opened 24/7! According to eBay, there are over 370,000 page views in real estate section daily! You also want to build positive rating as it gives credibility to you as a seller and you can do that by simply buying items on eBay first

Be an active advertiser and the leads will come. BIDS IN REAL ESTATE SECTION ARE NON BINDING! One of the reasons why there is only a listing fee and no final value fee (when the item sells) is that buyers who place bids on eBay are not legally obligated to purchase it. Then, there is the entry way. A decedent either dies testate (with a will) or intestate (without a will). The court appoints a personal representative to administer the estate

The broker should have the proper licensing as well. Also, it is essential that you get listed in your local MLS, but a FSBO can usually do this through a flat-fee MLS listing service (do a Google search for one in your area). I’ve bought and sold privately with another private party. I’ve hired real estate agents


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