Custom Printed Socks

Custom printed socks are models which designs are printed rather than knitted. They can feature anything from logos to pictures, faces and text. They can also showcase fully wrap designs as well as sublimation. The advantage over knitted designs is that they can reproduce your design as is, just like on t-shirt while knitted designs are quite basic, made of tiny little squares. Also while knitted designs can only be in solid colors, printed models can have various color shades and shadows. Another difference is that printed socks are only printed on the outside while knitted designs are woven into the sock. The bottom line is that printed sock designs look better but might start fading after many washes while knitted socks designs last longer but don’t look as good. Finally printed designs are slightly more expensive than knitted models as it requires different technology. As a manufacturer, we recommend selecting knitted models for simple designs and printed models for more intricate designs. So take this into consideration when figuring out if you want knitted or printed designs.


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