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There are many cryptocurrencies and lots of other tokens on Ethereum, but there are some things that only ETH can do.

Created by Vitalik Buterin, it has scored itself the second spot in
the hierarchy of cryptocurrencies. This digital currency launched in
2015 is predicted to surpass Bitcoin and may be the cryptocurrency of
the future. Is Ethereum similar to Bitcoin? It is in a way, but not
really. Like Bitcoin, Ethereum is a part of a blockchain network.

The main difference between the two currencies is that Bitcoin
blockchain focuses on tracking ownership of the digital currency while
Ethereum blockchain focuses on running the programming code or network.

Instead of having to build an entirely original blockchain for each
new application, Ethereum enables the development of thousands of
different applications in a single platform. In the Ethereum blockchain,
miners work to earn Ether.

Ether is a crypto token that helps run the network. Another use of
the Ethereum blockchain is its ability to decentralize any services that
are centralized.

For instance, Ethereum is capable of decentralizing services like
loans provided by banks, online transactions using Paypal as well as
voting systems and much more. Ethereum can also be used to build a
Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). 14 A DAO is a fully
autonomous organization without a leader.

DAOs are run by programming codes on a collection of smart contracts
written in the Ethereum blockchain. DAO is designed to replace the
structure of a traditional organization and like Bitcoin, eliminating
the need for people and a centralized control. What are the most obvious
benefits of Ethereum? Firstly, a third party cannot make any changes to
the data. The system is also tamper and corruption proof.

This is because Ethereum is built based on a network formed around a
consensus as a result, making censorship impossible. Secondly, just like
Bitcoin, Ethereum is backed up by secure cryptography. Therefore, the
applications are well protected against any form of hacking.


What is Video Games?

Digitally based games typically played on personal computers or dedicated gaming devices such as game consoles – Xbox, PlayStation or handheld game devices  – 3DS, Vita, DaCosta
Video games involve a lot of learning by doing and very little learning by telling, allowing players to explore, experiment, and discover.
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Facebook Jobs Opportunities

Have you ever wondered about Facebook Jobs?

Well In this short guide, you are going to learn exactly how you can start earning money in as little as 24 hours, doing the things that you already do on Facebook!

Did you know that social media has become one of the biggest drivers of sales and new customers for businesses? Companies that used to spend millions of dollars on radio advertising, TV commercials and billboard signs are now shifting huge chunks of their marketing budgets to social media sites like Facebook. So why are they doing this? The simple answer is…..

Social Proof
What do you think is more valuable to a business? Someone seeing an advertisement from a business that says: ‘Buy our new smartphone, it has great features and is reasonably priced!’ Or that same person seeing a Facebook status update from their friend saying: LOVE my new XYZ smartphone, the camera on it is amazing Of course, it’s the latter. And that’s why social media is so powerful for business.

What you may not realise though, is that you have unwittingly become an unpaid marketing agent for these companies! Every time you mention a business on Facebook, recommend a product or service, or ‘like’ a businesses page, you are making that business money.
And what do you get in return? Nothing. Does it seem fair to you that these businesses should be making all this money of the back of your time and efforts, while you

facebook jobs Posting

Imagine if you could get paid for the actions you take on Facebook

How great would it be if you could get paid every time you ‘liked’ a page, shared an article or left a comment.
Instead of wasting all those hours, you spend on Facebook, you could turn them into a way to make some extra cash. That would be pretty awesome, right? Well, now you can! And the key to all of this is affiliate marketing.

Why not Get paid for what you already do?

For example, a business that sells a weight loss program online for $100, may have an affiliate program that pays 50% commission for each sale you help them generate. You could join this affiliate program and then get paid for telling people about the businesses website. As the affiliate program pays 50% commission and the product sells for $100, you would get paid $50 for each customer that you send to that businesses website. It’s that easy. If you were an affiliate for this weight loss course, all you would need to do is find people who are interested in weight loss, get them to click on your affiliate link (which will take them to the businesses website) and then you get paid $50 for every person that buys the product. Facebook is the perfect place to make money doing this as an affiliate because through their Facebook accounts people tell you exactly what they are interested in (and therefore what they may be interested in buying!).

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It’s that easy if your willing to put some effort in you can take advantage of Facebook Jobs opportunity.
The good Facebook News If you were an affiliate for this weight loss course, all you would need to do is find people who are interested in weight loss, get them to click on your affiliate link (which will take them to the businesses website) and then you get paid $50 for every person that buys the product. Facebook is the perfect place to make money doing this as an affiliate because through their Facebook accounts people tell you exactly what they are interested in (and therefore what they may be interested in buying!).

Finally, You can then use this information to recommend products they may be interested in promoting stuff that, and when they buy them, you get paid!

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5 Best Work From Home Jobs 2020 – 5 Work At Home Jobs That Pay Weekly

5 Ideal Work From Home Jobs  get weekly revenue talking along with strangers.Top techniques to create
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Amazing facts about Camel drinking water!

Camels drink 30 to 40 gallons at a time that equals to 100 to 150 litters that would kill most other animals.
Camels can survive without a sip of water for ten months, as long as they can get sufficient moisture from green vegetation and dew. Camels can lose up to 40% of their body weight with no much effect.
Water is not stored in their humps which are fat reservoirs.
Camels store water in several flasks or sac-shaped bags which line the wall of their stomachs. These sacs can hold approximately 1 ½ gallon of water.
Just 10 minutes after drinking water, whole water is processed there will be no water at all in the stomach.
Camel is the only mammal that has a nucleus in its oval-shaped red blood cell. This expedites their flow in a dehydrated state. These cells are also more stable to tolerate high osmotic variation without rupturing because of a high intake of water.
camels‘ red blood cells have to divide and form new cells as they have to live without food and water for a long time. Only nucleated cells can divide.
Their sweat evaporates at the skin level (not at the surface of their skin) and cools the body in proportion to the amount of water lost through perspiration. This is because their body temperature ranges from -10 °C (14 °F) at night and up to 41 °C (106 °F) during the day.
It does not excrete much water in its urine that comes out as thick syrup, and feces also dry.