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bathroom remodel is a daunting project. Things are made more complicated when it comes to creating a bath space that is both serene, hyper-functional, practical, and a bit luxurious. You need to make a lot of decisions from the grout to the mirror, not to mention, the budgeting as well. Here are a few things you need to know about this type of project.

Don’t Assume Your General Contractor Is On The Same Page

If you are working with a general contractoryou need to let them know about every detail regarding your plan. You should never assume that they are all up to speed. Think of a bathroom remodel like a surgical procedure. Everything needs to be tripled checked, including every bit of detail regarding your project.

Bathroom Remodels Cost More Than You Think

A bathroom remodel Myrtle Beach doesn’t cost a few thousand dollars. The average cost for this kind of project was pegged at $11,364 back in 2016. Imagine how much it costs now? A low grade bathroom renovation with minor swaps and using less expensive materials may cost $5,000. But a top of the line renovation will cost you as much as $23,000.

You Should Reconsider Your Decision To Add A Bathtub

You may be considering adding a freestanding bath. But, you need to rethink this decision because it may not be practical to have one in the long run.

You Need Extensive Planning If You Want To Install Flattering Lights

It’s not easy to install lights especially in the bathroom. It needs careful thought and placement. It is best to talk to your general contractor about this and an electrician to make sure that you get this right the first time around.

Install Accessible Outlets

You don’t want to complete your bathroom remodel Myrtle Beach only to realize that you forgot to install accessible outlets. So be sure to include this in your planning. Your outlets must be installed in spots where it’s practical, safe, and accessible.

You Only Need To Remember A Few Types Of Tile

You only need to remember a few types of tiles when you are looking for one that will look best in your new bathroom. Subway tile, cement, natural stone, glass, and porcelain are tiles that are ideal for bathroom walls, floors, and shower stalls.

Your Grout Can Make Or Break Your New Bathroom

You may not be paying that much attention to the grout when remodeling your bathroom but it can significantly impact the final look of your new bathroom. You need to answer a few questions. Do you want the ground to be noticeable or do you want it to blend into the bathroom tile? Will it be added onto a fairly dry place or area that is always wet?

Use A Compact Toilet If You Have A Small Bathroom

Toilets come in different designs and sizes. If you have a small bathroom, then you should go with a petite toilet or a contemporary floor standing toilet.

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