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Famous Canadian Comedians

22 Minutes has been entertaining viewers for decades. From its very beginning, the “This Hour Has 22 Minutes” routine has been filling just one hour in most cities. As the name implies, the show has featured funny anecdotes that tell the story of a funny moment from the day’s events. It’s an unforgettable show that’s been emblazoned on millions of television sets. Now, you can experience this classic comedy in your own home. This is an uncensored, hilarious version of this long-running television series.

These dynamic East Coast-based correspondents and hosts dish out witty jokes and surprising commentaries that shed a new light on staying on top of the important stories of the day. Each week, Canadians tune into unique satire that covers all the big political events that make the news – and even heads – turn. 

Each show includes a collection of real life stories from the week’s events. Stories include political bloopers, celebrity interviews, awkward encounters, and more. They also cover some of the year’s biggest stories with timely context. Whether it’s the surprising success of a politician or the antics of a crazed stalker, Canadians will be glued to this one of a kind comedy series every Tuesday night.  

This Hour has 22 Minutes is a comedy series from CBC. The combination of funny Canadian accents, high-energy comedy, and musical numbers makes for a fresh new take on an old time favourite. For those who enjoy a little bit of fantasy along with a healthy dose of reality, this is one of the best new shows of recent times.

Each week the action gets bigger and better with some big surprise endings. This Hour has 22 Minutes is no exception to this rule. The riffs on classic news are delivered with a passion and conviction that show these seasoned veterans have still not lost their touch with the stories of today. With performances by some of Canada’s finest and most famous comedic actors and actresses, this program makes for an evening you will not soon forget.

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Best scary #horror #prank and #Scare prank compilation! Try not to Laugh By Horrorer

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Scary Prank Compilation

Funny Satirical Book On British People

Here is a funny book which will help you through a difficult day. Laughter is the best medicine they say. I have written 20 funny and satirical stories on Britain and the Brits. The title is:- The Brits Are Bonkers. 

The stories cover a wide range of events happening in the UK which will affect the lives of 50 million people. We look at British politics and life in an ironic and comic way which is also a great way to understand British politics at the moment. They say that there is truth in satire.

Did you know that Boris Johnson, the
British Prime Minister now lives in Buckingham Palace?

You might also like to know why the Queen wants
you to call her Liz when you meet her.

Read these 20 British political humorous and
satirical stories to help you understand a surreal nation.

There is truth in satire and these stories will
help you laugh your way through a tiresome day.

You will also discover:-
• If you are a weirdo, you can get a job in
Downing Street or in wacky Westminster.

• What are the sexy things you could have bought
on Harry and Megan’s website if the Queen hadn’t put her foot down?

• What really happened in the EU Parliament the
day the UK left the union?

• What does the Queen take to help her get off
to sleep?

• Why are the UK police force now staying at

• What splendid gift did the Queen give Boris
Johnson for his birthday?

“Fools are my theme, let satire be my song.”
― Lord Byron





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