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Interview Podcast with founder of Shop4aBiz.com

This Podcast audio clip contains an interview excerpt with Daniel Triana, founder of Shop4aBiz.com – Why he started it, and what he hopes it can do for the small local business community; “Well basically i am a small business owner located in asbury park new jersey. I started a travel agency it’s called cruise planners because that’s part of a franchise that i bought into so i could do anything travel related obviously right now because of Covid 19 the travel industry is getting hit pretty hard and business has been pretty quiet i’ve been working at the business for about a year now so i am technically a startup still building client base but i know i did have clients i’ve always had a bit of an entrepreneurial spirit and that’s obviously how i got into the travel agency before i always did music i have like my own website for electronic music so i’ve always been interested in trying to market my music and and i like the whole idea of marketing my travel business obviously like asbury parks in the upswing right now there are a lot of small business owners a lot of restaurants a lot of cafes there’s this this atmosphere of of growth and it’s really exciting you know between the music art and and restaurant workers everyone is like you know interested in in the small business aspect of building the community they’re getting hit obviously really hard right now because of covid 19…”



Marketing Firm Donates Numerous Socks To Help The Homeless

Short: A Detroit marketing firm has contributed hundreds of socks to the homeless as part of a larger grassroots campaign. Fusion Marketing

is pleased to announce that they have donated hundreds of pairs of socks for the homeless in Detroit Michigan. The motion belonged to Janee Almond’s mission to contribute one thousand sets of socks to those in requirement in the area.Founder of Fusion Marketing John Hoffmann has an enduring history of using his resources to help support neighborhood outreach efforts.This year, John and his group at Fusion Marketing chose to sign up with the grassroots efforts of Janee Almond from Fisher, Fowler, and Williams PLC. The socks were sent out directly to Janee at the law practice in Grosse Pointe Farms, MI.John and his group were deeply touched by the idea of offering socks to the homeless and contributing something desperately required by the less fortunate.

The campaign was not affiliated with a bigger company. Rather, it was used to support the individual objective of Janee to gather and contribute a total of 850 socks. With the support offered by Combination, John hopes that she has actually surpassed her expectations with this charity drive.About Blend Marketing Blend Marketing was founded in 2013 by 2 artists. The company has now developed into a complete marketing solution, using support for both online and offline marketing campaigns.

Business is eager to provide their services to expert services as well as artists searching for the very best ways to promote their brand.Their large range of services consists of website design, graphic style, business printing, logo design, wide format printing, social media management and many others. The company is based in Eastpointe, MI and aims to supply unique services that

assist business stand apart on the marketplace. The company wishes to guarantee that every service can get the benefits of a strong, professional marketing campaign.Fusion Marketing is constantly checking out brand-new ways that they can support the local neighborhood and help the area where their business is based. This stands firmly inline with supplying a marketing option that anyone can utilize and access. The business strives to keep their services affordable and accessible to little and big business owners alike as well as independent artists.The group likewise anticipates supporting more grassroots charity projects and motions in the years ahead, helping to offer a more powerful, unified future for Detroit. Blend Marketing contributed the socks on November 14th as part of the sixth yearly sock drive. The socks were collected on the corner of Martin Luther King and second Opportunity in Detroit with numerous others from the neighborhood.

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