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Replace Your IT Guy Forever With This Incredibly Easy Switch

Hi everyone, it’s me, your fellow IT guy. You know, the one that everyone hates to call? Don’t worry, I’m not offended. 

Because I understand the frustration. 

I’ve been in the business for almost three decades, and I’ve seen my fair share of blood, sweat, and tears when clients have computer issues. 

The most common one? Viruses. 

Over 80% of the computers — even the ones with antivirus software — get affected. 

But the saddest news is that I can’t fix it 100% of the time. Even if I can get rid of the blue screen of death and get your computer working, sometimes files can become so damaged that they can’t be recovered. 

For some clients, this has meant lost photos for families. Destroyed schoolwork for students. Broken presentations for business meetings. Or having to buy an entirely new computer. This is where the tears come in. 

So please PLEASE heed my words of advice and get the one device I recommend time and time again. 

In my professional opinion, you need a FixMeStick. They are super-simple, affordable, and will keep your computer protected forever. Even if you have a virus, it can fix that too. And trust me, it costs a fraction of what I cost.

What’s the FixMeStick?


The FixMeStick is a USB with 3x the antivirus power of anything else on the market. I’ve truly never come across anything like it in my 28 years on the job. 

The FixMeStick has two incredibly important functions to help you keep your computers and your files happy and healthy:

  1. Removes all existing viruses and malware from your computer (even the ones that are hiding)
  2. Prevents all future viruses from getting into your system (even the ones that haven’t been invented yet)

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