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Cotton Bandanas For Men – 12 Pack

1. 100% COTTON MULTI PURPOSE BANDANAS 12 PACK in assorted colors and prints are perfect for use as bandanas for women, bandana mask, face scarf mask for men, head bandana for women, face mask scarf, bandana headband for women, bandanas for face mask for protection, face coverings, hair bandanas for men, head bandana men, mask bandana, hair covering, hair band, headband men, handkerchief bandana, or neck scarf. These cotton bandanas are what everyone needs to use now.
 2. VERSATILE AND FUNCTIONAL. Use them as a handkerchief, scarf set, bandana hair scarf, cotton headband, these colorful bandanas, as a bandana variety pack are a great value and let you choose the color you desire for the day. Even use the cute bandanas on your pet dogs and pets.
3. WASHABLE AND RE-USABLE OVER AND OVER AGAIN. The bandans when new may be a little stiff, but when washed once will soften. The bandana packs, bandana set of 12 pieces make it convenient to wash some while using the others.
4. MAKES A GREAT GIFT. The 12 pack bandanas pack make a great gift for all, as a gifts for women, gifts for men, christmas gifts, party favors, stocking stuffer, birthday gifts, outdoor gifts, last minute gifts, gifts for girls, gifts for boys, party gifts and more.

Multi-Use Scarf Headband

10 Pcs Protective Clear Safety Face Shields

1. Transparent, lightweight, comfortable, and easy to breathe when worn. Ideal for protecting eyes, mouth & nose from people spiting, sneezing and sneeze droplets, splashes, flying debris, aerosols, sprays & splatters. Dental shield is made of high quality optically and distortion free PE film. Treated with anti‐fog and antistatic coating for maximum visibility.

2. A must have protective face shield. dental face shield visor and ppe face shield. Used as face shields for women, face shields for men and face shields for adults by dentist, health care professionals and others as personal protection equipment and as a safety shield wherever a safety face shield clear is needed.

3. The transparent face shield is used as an industrial face shield, construction face shield, by contractors, painters, and handymen, and by diy people. The clear face shield is made of plastic and is water and dust resistant, disposable, and yet easy to clean. Used as full face protection shield, dental Full Face Shield, dental visor shield by dentists for face shield protection.

4. Disposable face shield is a polycarbonate face shield that is a safety gear for general protection, as plastic face shields for women, dental face shields for women, dental protective face shields, dental visor face shield, even as a face shield for kids, by dentists, medical professionals and people in other occupations including painters, factory workers, assembly workers, laboratory workers and lab technicians in laboratories for occupational safety and protection.

5.  Suitable for everyone, men, women, adults. Can be used as a face shield for women, face shield for men, and as a splatter and splash safety shields for face. Each mask measures 13.15”L x 1.00”D x 8.75”H. The clear plastic face shield are disposable face shields and an essential necessity for people for people who want to protect their faces for extra protection and want a face cover protective shield for face shield protection.