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Mindfulness in Your Business

Mindfulness in Your


Mindfulness is a psychological concept that defines a state
in which it is about paying attention to the present moment, as is, without
concessions or judgments.

More broadly, mindfulness is the practice of being mindful
of the current moment, observing the thoughts, emotions, and sensations of the
present, without any judgments, allowing them to flow freely and avoiding
internal ruminations.


What is mindfulness
based on?

Mindfulness is based on a meditation technique from India,
called Vipassana, which consists of becoming aware of the present moment in
which we find ourselves.

Starting in the 70s, this technique was applied to
psychological and psychiatric treatments, especially aimed at reducing anxiety
and depression.

Jon Kabat-Zinn, professor of medicine, introduced a series
of approaches to the Western world for therapeutic purposes. He is the creator
of the mindfulness-based stress reduction method.


How to start
practicing Mindfulness?


Formal and Informal


Informal practices:

These are those that are carried out by perceiving the
environment and that end up being integrated into daily life. For example, go
out for a walk and carefully see the landscape, the sounds that occur during
the journey, the whispering of the birds.

Formal practices:

 This when a specific
time is set for practice during the day. For example, sitting quietly for half
an hour concentrating on breathing.


Effects of the use of
mindfulness in companies

The practice of mindfulness in companies is one of the uses
that are given today. This technique allows proper stress management, an
improvement in interpersonal relationships and an increase in concentration on
the activities that are carried out daily.

From a scientific point of view, the introduction of the use
of mindfulness at the business, level helps employees to have neurobiological
and mental changes, so to observe their experiences and emotions in a more objective.


Other benefits of mindfulness practice that employees will
obtain are:


  • Increased concentration on tasks.

  • Reduction of stress and anxiety.

  • Increased creativity.

  • Fewer ponderings.

  • Increased empathy.

  • Greater persistence.
  • Emotional self-regulation.







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Get rid of the excuses: They are the biggest hurdle in the path that lead to success

Excuses are the biggest hurdle in the path that leads to success. Excuses are addictive, unhealthy, inferior and unfavourable. An excuse has a strong power that makes a person go mentally and physically weak. Once we start making excuses, we start losing our focus and our aim, as excuse-making slowly stops us from progressing and improving. It makes us idle, lethargic, unenterprising and unfocused in life. Watch this video to understand how excuses are affecting us and how can we get rid of these.

When you feel like quitting, remember all of those who said you would fail.
When you feel like giving up, remember why you started.
When you feel like quitting, remember what you are doing it all for….
When you feel like quitting, remember pain is temporary.
And Greatness lasts forever.
When you feel like quitting, remember that the pain you feel today will be replaced with the strength you need tomorrow.
Remember that every ounce of pain you feel is building a stronger you.
A stronger body.
A stronger mind.
And a stronger character.
So push through the pain.
That painful last rep, that’s NOTHING.

When I feel like quitting, I remember: there are too many people I need to prove wrong.
When I feel like quitting, I remember: I have too much to fight for. I’LL NOT QUIT.

If you want average results, keep showing up and giving average effort.
If you want to be at your BEST, you will have to give your best effort.
Make an oath to yourself, that you will not walk out of any training session, any game, any-thing, without giving 110% of your soul.
Whatever you think is your limit, PUSH PAST IT.
Whatever you think is your max, see if you can get 10% more out.

If you’re interested to find out more about How to get rid of your excuses, check out this video:

Never give up

Guided Meditation Commitment Affirmations 🙏😍🎧 -M&L The Mind & Soul

Guided Meditation Commitment Affirmations 🙏😍🎧 -M&L The Mind & Soul
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Commitments are powerful because they influence how you think, how you sound, and how you act. Unlike a half-hearted hope or ‘best shot,’ making a commitment means that you try harder, you look for solutions when faced with obstacles, you don’t consider quitting as an option, and you don’t look back.

Change your Beliefs and PAST CONDITIONING – CONFIDENCE, ABUNDANCE, MONEY and inner SELF-WORTH AFFIRMATIONS. POWERFUL!! Change your frequency and reprogramme your subconscious mind while you sleep.

Spiritual commitment reflects a personal depth of faith and is manifested in both attitudes and behaviours. George Gallup Jr., first began studying spiritual commitment several years ago and published his findings in his 1992 book, The Saints Among Us.
an agreement or pledge to do something in the future a commitment to improving conditions at the prison especially: an engagement to assume a financial obligation at a future date. b: something pledged the commitment of troops to the war.

MIND CALMING MUSIC Stress Relief & Nerve Regeneration – Brain Wave Therapy Music

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A subconscious journey into sleep and deep relaxation.
Guided Mindfulness Meditation on Controlling Negative Thoughts
This meditation, and also a form of light trance or focused hypnosis.
Regular meditation has been scientifically proven to enhance relaxation, overall health and wellbeing. Meditation and hypnosis are safe and natural.
A higher level of consciousness and awareness can be realised when we are able to alleviate our minds and listen to our profound truth. You may find the solutions to many current personal problems and issues if you simply take the time to ask your inner self for a new direction.
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30 Day Metamorphosis Review

Welcome To My 30 Day Metamorphosis Review

30 Day Metamorphosis Review

Why Manifestation Isn’t Working For You

Are You Running Into Any Law Of Attraction Issues? 

If so, then i’m pretty sure you’re wondering why and that’s exactly what you’re about to find out.

Maybe, you’ve tried everything and took all the advice there is.
And you may have gone even further and bought a few products — still, nothing’s popping up at all.
Does this mean manifestation is just some fantasy?
Not at all, it’s 100% real and always has been since the beginning of time — there’s thousands of people that have stories about how it’s worked for them for proof.
So, why not for you?
Is it maybe because you did something wrong?

Nope, it isn’t your fault at all!

Then, what’s at play here?
What’s really stopping you?
Don’t worry as I’m about to show you in a moment…
It’s simply because there’s some stuff you still need to know
More specifically how the process of manifestation really works and why you may have been blocked from using the process to your benefit temporarily.
And, I’ll explain both right now so you can finally have the freedom to bring your desires to the surface like you’ve always wanted

Ok, let’s begin.

We’re going to start with detailed steps on how the Manifestation Process is truly set in motion.
So, let’s just say this process is like an incubation for your thoughts to one day hatch into reality.
The first step of the process starts with your Creative imagination. 
Your imagination is where you first begin creating your desires from scratch — here is where you conjure up that dream of becoming more healthy, gaining more peace of mind or spending your summer on a beautiful island. Whatever you desire is and always will be created first, in the imagination.

Then, it has to go through the second step:

Once you’ve created the base thought in your mind, now you have to start mixing certain emotions with this desire to make it feel more real.
This part of the process is great for giving you a teaser experience of the world you created — the emotions will help you visualize in a more powerful and clear way because you may visualize better by pictures or by sound or just by stronger emotions alone.
Or maybe it’s a mix of them all together — in any case, this will help you create a perfect image of your dream instead of something vague.

The ONLY emotions you should be mixing in are those of positivity — these are the sugar you need in the cake. 

Not only will they strengthen visualization, but positive emotions will kick up your frequency and grant you a high vibration which brings us into the third & final step of manifestation.
Once you’ve been granted with a high vibrational state, you’ll be able to communicate with the universe — the universe is the one that’ll handle making your wishes a reality.
After this is done, all you can do is be patient.
Something else that’s important — mixing positive emotions is crucial because emotions you send to the universe — good or bad — will be sent back 10x as powerful. 

Now, let me tell you how some people actually have manipulated us to use this process to manifest negativity instead of positivity. 
As you may have known, your subconscious consists of 90% of your mind.
Your beliefs, daily emotions, habits and more importantly, your creative imagination all lie here 
And during the second stage of manifestation— Your creative imagination is mixing mostly what is in your subconscious with your desires — not just emotions, but beliefs too. 
Here’s why that’s incredibly dangerous..
Your subconscious can be played with because it’s neutral — it can’t tell a joke from a serious thought — it can’t tell fake from real.
All it does is take whatever it’s given and tries its best to make it come true through the manifestation process. 
And it’s ALWAYS taking whatever it’s given.

People in power started catching on to this in the last century and made a plan to use it against the masses. 
They started finding ways to plant only self limiting beliefs, negative thoughts and propaganda into everyone’s mind.
Over time, they succeeded in doing this and it ended up spreading because people never questioned these planted beliefs. 
Society just took this programming as their reality and unknowingly passed it onto their children/friends/family and eventually it became the biggest virus attacking our very minds.

It Was Pure Brainwashing At Its Finest. They Wanted To Keep Us Clueless From The Fact We Can Become Wise And Prosperous Humans.

So now, Instead of mixing our dreams with faith and excitement…

We now mix it with fear and doubt in the most precise way possible and it comes back into our reality ten-fold
Instead of having a higher vibrational level like it was intended — we now are at a low state, disconnected from our higher state of mind. 
Have you ever feared you were going to fail at something or thought of any bad events and it ended up coming true exactly how you imagined?


So if you think you haven’t been manifesting — you’ve been manifesting alright — just the other way around. Every time you decide you want to make something happen, your mind will bring up your failures, your painful past and/or your previous life trauma(s) because it’s been tuned to do that.
But remember, none of this is permanent. 
If it’s possible to rewire yourself for negativity, then shouldn’t the same still be true for positivity? 
And shouldn’t it be done just as easily?

Well yes, If you had the know-how to quickly adjust your subconscious to be purely positive and helpful instead of the opposite, you’d be able to do it with ease and accomplish the unthinkable.

Watch My Review Below