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DesignBeast Review – Is DesignBeast worth the money?

Paul Ponna (vendor) is well known for his products in the software world, as he published a lot of great software tools for entrepreneurs, online business owners and affiliates. 

All of these were successful and sold in many copies and they are well in use today. Now, he brings us another blockbuster called DesignBeast.

DesignBeast is a package of 6 apps that make life very much easier for any entrepreneur, be it for affiliates or any other business.


Because graphics is so important in today’s world. Ever since the social networks appeared, graphics has played a significant role. You need it for just about every aspect of online business and promotion. Advertising and proactive networking is practically impossible today without having eye-catching graphics to publish and invite visitors to just about anywhere.

DesignBeast incorporatesorates 6 complete apps that make up the core that everyone in this business can build upon and use for their business. Additionally, with the COMMERCIAL licences included, everyone can also use these as assets to serve others. Meaning, make money on sites like Fiverr or even start an agency business. Read this short DesignBeast review for all the details.


Find Out How To Get Your Business Online Today

Whether you have a brick and mortar store, or live in a virtual world with no physical assets, your business can thrive online. Many businesses have taken this route and many more have struggled to create a presence for their business. The Internet is both a blessing and a curse for anyone who decides to venture into eCommerce. The Internet creates a larger market, but it also brings a whole new set of challenges.

E-commerce can help your business generate revenue in many ways. They are simple steps to getting your business online, and a few tips to help you succeed.

Start your own E-commerce Store

You can start your own eCommerce website by utilizing an eCommerce template. These are easy to use WordPress based sites that are extremely easy to customize and provide the basis of your eCommerce store. You could also have a shopping cart built into the site, however this is rarely necessary in a WordPress based eCommerce website.

Customizing a WordPress Ecommerce Website

If you have a business, it is important that you customize your WordPress eCommerce website. Customizing the look and feel of your eCommerce website is extremely important and can have a dramatic effect on your profits. The look and feel of your site can be set with a simple command within WordPress, known as “Themes”. Themes are simply collections of CSS stylesheets that can be added to a WordPress site to change the color schemes, themes, skins, backgrounds, etc. These are simply added stylesheets that can be changed to change the overall appearance of your site.

Other stylesheets are known as “Colors”. Colors are simply another addition stylesheets that can be added to change the overall color scheme of your eCommerce website.

Once you have finished adding your stylesheets, go to your Administration area in the top navigation. You can then change some of the options for your store, including which currencies are available, and which countries are allowed.

The currency selector allows you to select countries in the left navigation, and currency input allows you to enter information that decides which currency is used by default.

Customizing the look of your site and your currency selector, and then selecting the currency type, and then clicking apply, will change the appearance of your site based on the entered information. This is necessary in order to get the appearance of your site appropriate to the country or country block where it is being done.

Check out the Administration area of your eCommerce website and select the “Customize Look” section. Here you can select a background for your home page and change some of the icons, including the email sign in and the cart.

Once you have added and changed the above items you are ready to upload your first product

The first step is uploading your products to your website. There are various ways to upload your products. You can upload manually to a directory, you can upload a folder containing hundreds of products (this is what I do with each new site I work on), you can upload a database with hundreds of products, you can create a product with WordPress, or you can create a product with the shopping plugin. If you use the database approach or the product with WordPress, your products will be saved with the date of last update, which is a problem when you want to make changes.

We’ll go more into what each of these options mean in a second. First, we’re going to go over what a product file is and what it does. Then we’ll go over how to create a product. Lastly we’ll go over how to upload your product.

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Customer Win Back Strategy

What happened when COVID-19 first hit us and businesses started to close?

Everyone that needed anything started searching online for their supplies and shopping needs.

With the first lock-downs, there were very little people on the streets and on the highways, so they all had to be doing something. They were online searching for services and supplies, and most went to the Big Online Shops because they noticed that you were closed. 

Most people search locally first, they might see your website, there is nothing new on in. They may have checked your Google My Business with no updates on it. So, that gave the impression that  you couldn’t serve them, you had no Call To Action for them on any of your online sites, no news of when you might be open, or alternative ways that you can meet their needs. 

Most people went shopping elsewhere, they went where they could shop anytime and have their products delivered to them. Most businesses were not prepared for that, they didn’t know how, didn’t have the technology or just some basic information on how to set-up online shopping options for their customers. 

Most downtown merchants are used to providing a direct sales approach to their customers walking into their stores and buying merchandise, this is what they do everyday, how do you change that, or how do you expect to do anything different. They were not accustomed to doing online business sales. 

If you haven’t already started moving your business online or at least providing information online on how your customers can get products or services from you, it’s time to start looking at how much you should be doing online, or just move everything online. 

Download a free copy of my 7 Steps On Winning Your Customers Back, we will show you the steps it will take to get your business online and getting more attention to your website and Google My Business listing. 


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How To Make Money Online – Ways To Earn Quickly

Generating income online

If you’re serious about earning money online, than you are on a great way to change your life when you discover how to start an online business. There are lots of things to take care of.

There are numerous methods you can make money online today, because the Internet made it possible for anyone, anywhere, to make it. It does not matter where you live, you always have access to billions of people online. As long as you have your Internet connection working, you’re good to go.

Ways to make money online

There are actually unlimited alternatives for anybody wishing to enjoy the Internet profits. From using your services as a freelancer (rest assure that you have abilities that somebody requires) to developing your own items and whatever in between.

For the needs of this short post, we’ll simply mention a few of the easiest and most rewarding approaches.

Creating your own digital products

Having a product of your own is for sure the best possible method to earn online and learn how to start an online organization.

It can be a digital item, like an ebook, or even simply a report about something you know. Because of that, all you have to do is find them in some way, and you’ll make some cash.

Selling as an affiliate

Being an affiliate suggests you promote products that somebody else created and you get paid a commission for every sale you initiate. You can quickly find out how to begin an online company as an affiliate also with the aid of this free webinar.

For your sales, you earn money commissions that are normally in the series of 50%, however can often be as high as even 100% of the sales. What this suggests is that if you drive enough traffic to a deal that sells for $97, you’ll make money $48 and up out of every sale. It’s okay, it’s in fact a very good service and there are millions of affiliates in the world today.

There are various methods you can earn online today, since the Internet made it possible for anybody, anywhere, to make it. Due to the fact that of that, all you have to do is discover them in some way, and you’ll make some money. Being an affiliate means you promote products that someone else produced and you get paid a commission for every sale you start. You can easily find out how to start an online service as an affiliate likewise with the assistance of this free webinar.

Want to know more? Check it out and join the free webinar.

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