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Auto Car Partition for Taxi

1. This acrylic partition for car is a car interior guard that protects both the driver and passengers at the same time. Ideal taxi accessories for car and cab driver accessories, this is a must have car auto accessories to feel safer and protected from coughing, sneezing passenger and spit, splatter droplets. Our auto sneeze guard shield comes shipped with protective film on both sides to prevent scratches. Please remove before installing.
2. The car sneeze guard comes with two tabs each 2″ Wide on both sides that can be easily broken off to reduce the width from 46.5″ to 42.5″ if needed to fit smaller cars and autos.
3. The taxi partition includes 4 cables ties that can be passed through the slots on the plastic shield taxi and secure it to the back of the front seat headrests. Has slots at different levels to accommodate various models and sizes of passenger cars. Allows to choose the optimum level slots at the height desired to fit into space inside car. Protection shield on various models and sizes.
4. The limo, taxi, cab, uber protection shield has an opening at the bottom of the vehicle partition that is 7.3″ Wide and 5.75: High to allow passage and passage of cash, money, or credit card payments and transactions between passenger and driver.
5. The car partition plastic is made of clear transparent acrylic plastic that is like glass and transparent to allow for clear views for the passenger, and for the driver to see the passenger and also see clear in the rear view mirror.

Auto Car Partition