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What You Resist, Persists

What you resist, persists, or we could also say that what you resist, you strengthen.
Or what you attack, you strengthen.

Using anxiety as an example, the more you resist anxiety, the more anxiety you are going to be creating.
You are giving more strength to it and therefore allowing anxiety to absorb your energy.

Where Your Focus Goes, your Energy Flows

Anxiety can feel quite overwhelming and therefore it can capture quite a bit of you attention which only fuels it more. And because we don’t want to feel that anxiety and due to the “fight or flight” mammalian response, we end up resisting this feeling even more.

And this therefore adds more fuel to the fire.
So we need to be aware of what we are resisting, as this is where our focus goes.

Meditation for Non-Resistance

As mentioned throughout my other content, meditation is an amazing tool to train your mind to become aware, allowing one to step back and observe.
Allowing one not to get caught up in every thought and emotion.

If there is resistance, through practicing meditation, we can teach our brain to not get caught up in these particular resistant thoughts and allow us to switch our attention or focus.

Meditation also being an amazing pathway to spirituality.

What Are We Creating

We need to realise the power we have as beings and what we create in our lives.
With that in mind, we need to understand how we firstly arrived at a particular place that perhaps is not serving us.

From this, we can switch our focus or attention from what we don’t want(anxiety – substitute for anything really) to what we do want e.g peace or what is going to be serving us.

Resistance is ultimately fear based, which is an illusion.
So we do not resist these illusions, we merely change our focus.

Following on from that, resistance is therefore of a “negative” nature(neither “good” nor “bad”) and so at lower vibration which it will then take longer to shift or change things in your life.

Sometimes, this negative nature from resistance can perpetuate itself until this energy builds up and we are faced with a “boiling point” or catalyst which causes a necessary course direction in our lives. This is unawareness.

We need to be able to “catch” or rather observe this before it happens, through awareness, changing our focus and non-Resistance.

Non-Resistance Is Not Passive

What you attack, you strengthen .
The best way to see this in action is in relationships.
People are ultimately self governing and so they need to work things out on their own.
We can help and point the direction but we cannot make up someone’s mind for them.

Taking it further, attacking their character or point of view only solidifies that in them, as most people defend their position and so it can be an ongoing battle. This is part of the reason that creates some much discourse and tension in relationships.

It does not mean you are powerless, in fact the opposite is true.
You have now not given power to external aspects of life or the “external world”and you are retaining your true power within.

When you live non-resistantly, you are more present and therefore more effective as true power and peace is in the present moment and not subject to past fears to taint the moment.

You can then act effectively in the present moment in how you see fit without fear or guilt, wrong or right. Harmony will be your weapon.


The Best way to see this principle in action, is through experience and how it works for you.

I hope these insights & principle adds much value.
It can truly be a life changing principle that is at the very core of life and living in harmony.