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Mermaid Mug – Mermaid life- Mermaid Coffee Mug – Mermaid obsessed- Mermaid Coffee Cup – Mermaid Tail Mug – Beach ba

“Beach Please, I’m A Mermaid”. This mug is perfect for Mermaid Obsessed Girls, Valentines’ Gift For Girlfriend, Best Friend, Birthday, as a funny gift for a friend! The Adventure Mug is a perfect Christmas gift for anyone that loves the Mermaid.

Quality Coffee & Drinking Mugs?Holiday Mugs?Cute Quotes Mugs? Coworker or Friend Present?Novelty Present ? Christmas Present ? SHIP WORLDWIDE? SATISFACTION.

Ceramic – As far as keeping your coffee Warm goes, ceramic outperforms glass. In addition to heat loss through evaporation, which depends on the mug’s shape and the surface area of the coffee exposed to the air, your coffee will cool off as the mug, itself, draws heat through conduction and loses it through convection. In both of these areas, ceramic loses heat at a slower rate than glass.

Microwave and dishwasher-safe – So You Can Reheat Your Political Coffee Mug and Also Put It In The Dishwasher.

AN AWESOME GIFT IDEA – A great gift idea for a Girlfriend, Fiance, Wife, Girlfriend, Lover, Friend, or Co-Worker. Makes for an awesome Valentines’ day gift, birthday gift, spur of the moment gift, newlywed gift, anniversary gift, wedding gift, housewarming gift.

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*******HOW IT’S MADE*******
We print the image in reverse onto sublimation heat transfer paper using special inks or dyes.

We then use heat & pressure to transfer the image to the polyester-coated mug. The heat changes the ink into a gas allowing it to permanently penetrate the surface of the item being decorated, rather like a tattoo. It really is that simple.

All Mugs come well packaged in Styrofoam clamshell.

**Since everything in my store is custom made, some items take a bit longer to make. Metallic and black mugs take longer to make than white mugs. Items leave the facility by the ‘ship by’ date listed on your invoice.

**This item takes 2-5 business days to process.

**Each item is made to order, so it is not sitting on a shelf waiting to ship. I appreciate your patience while I create each order. The production times can be longer during holiday seasons such as Valentines’ Day, Mother’s Day, and Christmas.

*******MADE AND SHIPPED FROM THE UNITED STATES******* We Are Proud Of Our Efforts To Keep Hard Working Americans Employed So They Can Keep Providing For Their Families.

*******MONEY BACK GUARANTEE******* At OmegaTreasures your satisfaction is what drives us to provide the highest quality products on the market. Our 15 Oz White Ceramic Coffee Mugs are tailor-made with You in mind! We strive to exceed standards and go beyond your expectations, if for any reason our product doesn’t live up to your expectations, contact us for a replacement or a full refund.

******HOW TO ORDER*******
-Please select mug size in the drop-down box.
-If any personalization is needed please contact me before ordering!
-*DOUBLE CHECK your order details are correct*.
•Information cannot be revised after it has been submitted. Please verify all information prior to sending.

*******GENERAL POLICIES*******
Optional shipping upgrade:
INSURANCE. Sometimes accidents happen. When you purchase our insurance upgrade, if you accidentally damage your item, just send us a picture within 60 days and we’ll resend you a new one for free.

â—†IMPORTANT: If you are not completely satisfied please give us an opportunity to make it right before you leave negative feedback. My goal is 100% customer satisfaction. Contact me and I will do everything in my power to correct the issue.

â—† Please contact us through Etsy.
â—† We aim to respond to your questions within 24 hours.
â—† Business Days: Monday – Saturday.
â—† Sometimes accidents can happen! If your mug arrives broken, please let us know and we will ship you a replacement immediately.

We continually update our inventory with fresh designs and can only keep so many mugs in stock. So don’t wait to order yours!

â—†Give A Gift Of Love. Give A Gift Of Treasure!

Thank you for supporting our small business and for visiting my shop!

Mermaid Mug – Mermaid life- Mermaid Coffee Mug – Mermaid obsessed- Mermaid Coffee Cup – Mermaid Tail Mug –

Terrific Usages For The Telescopic Fishing Rod

Every angler has a choice of fishing either in the river or in the open sea. Though each type of fishing has its own obstacles, the crucial thing to bear in mind is to have perseverance waiting for the fish and trying your best to catch it when it appears.

The other pattern of fishing weights that are offered in the market is referred to as pyramid weights. These have a 4 way pyramid shape so they are named in this method. Mostly used in surf fishing, these are really popular as they have a flat square base with an attached eyelet. These weights are available in various sizes and are mostly of 8 ounce. You can use them while fishing in sea too.

You do not need to stress about licenses, bait or perhaps a rod and reel for that matter. At the Virginia beach fishing Center, they have actually got it all covered. All you need has to do with $120, some guts, a cooler for lunch, beer, or whatever you require, and it’s on. Oh, and a couple of additional bucks for the mates. They strive for your pointers.

Looking for something a little bit more adventurous in your Texas saltwater fishing journey? Catch a charter and head down to the Gulf of Mexico. You will find some excellent fishing out in heaven. Whether it is snapper, amberjack, ling, tuna, sharks, grouper, or bullfish you can find it there. There is so much to do on a Texas saltwater fishing trip; it can be a great trip for one, or a fantastic household vacation.

I’ve fished on the gulf side of the roadway at Fort Pickens for many years, and most of the time went home with as numerous fish as I cared to clean up. At the end of the strip where the rock jetties are, the fishing is constantly excellent. I prefer to fish on the Gulf side of the park however, where there are even fewer anglers. This weekend there were more visitors to the beach than usual, however still, the beach area at Fort Pickens was not crowded at all!

Galveston, Texas offers a great location to fish. You can capture fish year round. Between March and May you can capture a lot of smaller fish however it remains in the fall when you get the chance to hook a big fish, though they will number less. You will discover the fish near wrecks, reefs and sea-mounts-even location around oil platforms.

There are likewise many versions of the high low rig, however this is the one that appears to catch the most striped bass. Due to the fact that smaller bass tend to sit higher in the water while the bigger fish will remain closer to the bottom, this rig works well. For this surf fishing rig tie 2 5 inch dropper loops on a 5 foot length of leader, keeping the loops around 12 inches apart and connect your hooks to the end of the loops. 15 inches below the bottom loop attach a weight snap, and 15 inches above the leading loop tie on a swivel for the primary line. The things of this rig is for the fish to hook themselves, so circle hooks will work the very best. Try using a larger bait like bunker portions on the bottom loop, and a somewhat smaller bait like blood worms for the leading loop.

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Effect of Natural Sounds on your Inner Balance

Research studies show that when the mind is relaxed, a person can retain more details about anything he is studying or working on. However, it is not an easy task to have a relaxed mind in such stressful periods. Many resort to different methods to find the peace of mind they are seeking, but many of these ways are not natural and even might be dangerous. 

Nature is always a healer and a relaxer. However, nature is not only silent images. In nature, some sounds intensify the beauty of nature.

These sounds are so relaxing and take us to realms we forgot.

We recorded these sounds and brought them to you with very beautiful scenery.

These beautiful videos bring you closer to nature and the natural sounds such as rainfalls, or gulls flapping encourage your mind to take a part in the visualization of such natural relaxing atmosphere.

The new technology these days has enabled us to record natural sounds with so much purity that helps one who is listening to them to go through self-development. After careful study, researchers came across and found that when an individual connects with nature, it often brings them relaxation and inner peace. Also, recent findings show that the body, mind, nature, and natural sounds when mixed, could trigger an individual, of any state, to reach relaxation through visualization.

Please check this link to watch one of these videos. We kindly ask you to subscribe, because this really helps us to continue producing these videos that cost us money and time. Thank you very much.

How to fight anxiety and depression by using natural sounds

There are many easy relaxation techniques you can learn to help calm yourself before and during stress. The purpose of this short article is to offer you practical anxiety solutions that can be applied immediately to give you quick relief, without referring to medicines.

The mind of a person can be in different emotional and psychological states in different parts of the day. Natural sounds accompanied by nice music and visuals is a hugely successful audio series developed to transfer your mental status into a more relaxed, peaceful, and productive state.

We all enjoy the rain noise when it hits our window, balconies, and houses. Also, we enjoy the sound of the cracking of wood in our fireplace.
Now you can listen to these natural accompanied with nice calming music and seeing it rain, or sitting facing a camping fire.
These videos are made to make you relax and forget about all your worries. It will help you have your inner peace and stability.
Please try to listen to them till the end. then comment with a nice comment on how you felt after watching them, then do not forget to share them.

Happy watching and hearing.

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