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Custom Crew Socks

When you think of socks you might think of regular tube socks, and most likely you’ve never actually put much more thought into them than that. When you get into a sport, or perhaps become a coordinator of some sort of sporting event then you are going to realize that you need some custom made socks. You may have different reasons for needing them, so let’s talk about those reasons briefly to see if you can identify with any of them.

If you are a biker, that is to say a “bicycler”, then you are going to need a pair of socks that can stand up to the heat as well as the cold. Such socks may be a little expensive but you can curb their overall cost by ordering custom socks in bulk.

By ordering in bulk you save a lot of money, particularly because as a company makes more socks for you they charge less. There is usually a minimum order when it comes to bulk ordering. You will have to order, and that is normally 100 socks. You can likely also order in increments of 300 which is better because the more socks you order the less they are actually going to charge.

By ordering custom crew socks in this fashion not only will you end up paying less but you can also have a specific design used. If you are in charge of a team that has their own colors, which most teams do, then it would be a good idea to have your team colors on these socks. There’s no better way to do that than by ordering in bulk, so if you were thinking of buying your custom crew socks individually you might want to rethink that.

Designing these socks is bound to be easy. Most of the time you won’t even need to make a phone call to get the design done! Most websites that provide this service will have an online form where you can specify exactly what you want the sock to look like, and when you are done you can pay, and that will be that. In an age where everyone is in a hurry, talking on the phone is a waste of time.

Well that’s probably a lot of information about socks for you, probably a lot more thought than you actually thought you would put into it. There’s nothing wrong with that though, many people take socks for granted, but next time you go to a sporting event, look to see if the players are wearing socks. More than likely the team is wearing matching socks. Now that you’ve read this article, you know exactly where those socks came from and how they were made, and you can apply that to your own methods if you are in charge of a team.

It’s going to be expensive, but your team will look great with their matching socks! So if your team needs socks then look into custom crew socks! It will really help you out and save you a lot of money in the long run.

So go ahead and look online for these types of socks, or if you wish you can check with different sporting good stores in your area to see if they provide these types of socks and or services. Remember, cost should not be an object when it comes to the pride of your team, or your own pride. Good luck and happy sock hunting!

Heated Electric Warm Thermal Socks

1. NO MORE COLD TOES – Winter electric heated socks for men and women that are battery operated heating socks with heating element on top of the toes. Foot warmers keep your toes warm and comfortable all day, perfect for skiing, hiking, hunting, ice fishing, and any other indoor/outdoor activities in the cold weather. Perfect choice f you are spending a lot of time in the winter taking care of various outdoor chores especially shoveling snow!
2. MUST HAVE CLOTHING ACCESSORY FOR WINTER WEATHER OUTDOORS OR INDOORS. Your dream came true and now you don’t need to worry anymore about cold feets in the winter! Great for use in colder weather when outdoors, at work or at sports events. Heated hunting socks for men cold weather are a great gift to give during cold weather season and is the best give in the thermal warmer heated clothing category. Patterns and Colors May Vary.
3. UNISEX DESIGN FOR MEN AND WOMEN – The unisex battery socks pair comes in 3 different sizes, small, medium or large. This series of battery powered socks are made out of fleece material that absorbs sweat and offer breathability and use ultra-thin carbon heating element. Each heated sock requires 3 “AA” size batteries (not included), can use alkaline or rechargeable batteries too. Perfect for any age and gender, great as a christmas present!
4. EASY USE & CARE – Electric feet warmers are made to feel warm, not hot. So if you prefer to wear two pairs of socks, the Warming Socks women should be next to the skin. We recommend hand wash them in warm water with mild detergent, no machine dry, only hand dry or towel dry. PLEASE CHOOSE SIZE FROM AVAILABLE SIZES: Mens Small Shoe Size 6-9 and Womens Shoe Size 8-10 or Mens Medium Shoe Size 10-12 or Womens Shoe Size 11-13 or Mens Large Shoe Size 13-15.
5. DISCREET HIDDEN POUCH AT TOP OF SOCK TO HOLD BATTERY COMPARTMENT – Ingeniously designed battery socks heated for men have a hidden pouch at the top of the socks to hold the battery compartment discreetly. No ugly embarrassing flaps hanging on the sides. The warming heated socks give warmth and relief for chronically cold feet from poor circulation, arthritis, cold weather or simply just wanting more comfort and warmth.