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Orange County Car Accident Lawyer Settles Case With Dash Cam Video

Recently a client of Kyle Scott was hit by another driver in San Bernardino, CA. While traveling
through an intersection a left-turning vehicle (which did not have the right of way) crashed into the
client’s car, causing damage to
the vehicle, and injuries to the client. The
attorney’s client had a dash cam installed in the automobile
and the entire collision was caught on tape.
It clearly showed the client had a
green light and the right of way and that the left-turning driver was at fault.

If it weren’t
for the dash cam footage the insurance company
of the at-fault driver would not have settled for the amount the
driver’s attorney got for the
client. Once the insurance company’s defense lawyer saw
the footage she knew it would be very persuasive in court. The lawyer settled the case for the at fault driver’s policy limit of $100,000

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Orange County Dog Bite Lawyer Video

who specialize in dog bites in Tustin represent clients who have been bitten by a dog. At first glance you may not think much about it, however, a bite from a dog can cause serious injuries, pain and suffering. The muscles in a dog’s jaw are much stonger than a human’s, meaning the force of the bite is that much greater—even from diminutive
breeds. Bites can result in broken bones, scarring or infection.

bite attorneys in Santa Ana, CA
will fight for those victims who have been injured
and go after damages. The law in Irvine is clear and dog owners have a duty to see that
their dogs are prevented from attacking
those who enter the owner’s property. Or, if leashed, the leash must be no longer than six feet
in length. It’s part of the “duty of care” dog owners have.

a dog attacks or bites a victim, the
owner can be held legally responsible. A dog bite attorney will be very familiar with the law regarding this and can help injured parties secure damages
for bites. A dog bite lawyer
will help a bite victim in making their way
through the complicated world of the law, dealing with the court
system or insurance companies, many of which may try to {lowball the
victim|get away with a lower settlement|offer less than fair compensation|. A dog bite attorney can negotiate on a bite victim’s behalf to secure an outcome than fairly
compensates them for the suffering after
a dog bite and even surgery that may be

Not hiring an experienced dog bite lawyer in Orange County may leave
the victim open to manipulation by insurance companies or other lawyers who do not have the victim’s best interests at
heart. If you are bitten by a dog, hiring a veteran dog bite lawyer is one of the best
things you can do.

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