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The saying goes that there are no new ideas out there. Every new invention is just a mashup of other things. But when it comes to Electric bikes, who’s complaining? Extra juice to go with your pedal power? We’ll take it. And some serious breakthrough designs are coming in the industry, too.

Are you considering joining the electric bike revolution and want to know what the best new electric bikes on the market have to offer? Electric bikes in 2021 will be more compact, lighter, faster, and designed better for the rider’s individual needs.

When it comes to getting from point A to point B, you’ve got your traditional modes of transportation; cars, bicycles, motorbikes, and a few variations in between. But you might be surprised to find out that’s not the only way to get around. 2021 will see innovative and creative companies pushing the limits of what a electric bike can do.

We have been paying close attention to the exciting new electric powered arrivals on the scene in 2021.

Let’s take a look at the contenders for the title of most innovative electric bike of 2021.

minds eye design

Is it a good concept to wrap your car?

Custom-made vehicle wraps are currently one of the hottest trends in the customer automotive sector. In fact, projections state that the sector will go beyond a value of $10.8 bn by 2025, signifying a growth of over 500% inside a decade.The facts reveal that automobile wraps are now amongst the most prominent types of vehicle personalization for owners of contemporary vehicles as well as vintage cars alike. Yet is it an excellent alternative for your warm rod?Hot rod modifications need to be carefully considered prior to you

give the green light on a proposed project, as well as lorry covers shouldn’t be any type of different.If you have actually been searching for” customized vehicle covers near me”, the roadway to success begins below

. Just what are custom auto wraps?A customized car cover is a team of vinyl decals that are affixed to the


lorry’s body to cover the paint job and also create an entirely make over for the car. They can be manufactured and cut to flawlessly match the measurements of your automobile, indicating that they are suitable for all models. As the owner of a hot rod, this personalization indicates a crucial marketing point.Vehicle wraps are offered in a large range of styles and finishes. The listing includes shiny, slope, matte surface, as well as chrome metallic color, as well as graphic therapies

. The latter of those are commonly made use of by business aiming to brand their vehicles, however might also illustrate images that are matched to customer requirements too.The custom vehicle cover provides a different to repaint jobs as well as can be made use of on any type of lorry of any age, including SUVs, bigger cars and trucks, and vans. The custom-made car wrap application process Customized car covers can be finished on a DIY

basis, however inaccuracies will badly damage the last end result. An expertly used auto wrap will generally comply with a straightforward three-step treatment: Layout– in addition to choosing the appropriate product and design features, this stage of the process includes precise measurements of all car panels.Manufacturing– the plastic is published and also laminated to guarantee that it is completely matched to your car and also protected versus weather condition damages as well as prospective fading.Application– when published the plastic will be added utilizing either a dry cover or damp wrap approach. The professional

will certainly determine which is best for each and every auto panel. Why are personalized automobile wraps so popular?Car proprietors from differing backgrounds see personalized car covers as the # 1 upgrade, as well as it’s not difficult

to see why. Customized automobile wraps modify the appearance of a vehicle with instant results without changing its performance or safety.When seeking ‘customized car covers near me,’ cars and truck proprietors can profit from the adhering to secret attributes: Personalization Most importantly, plastic automobile wraps deal complete versatility throughout the layout process Besides the different surfaces as pointed out above,


they can be printed to virtually any color

or photo imaginable. The only limitation is your own creativity.Furthermore, personalized lorry wraps can be created to show different colors in varying lights or altering appearances from different angles. Dullness is merely not a choice, particularly as you can blend points up with a partial car cover. Anything much less than 100% body insurance coverage is taken into consideration a partial car cover, with the most common options being: Half partial covers

, which covers the

back as well as midway up the vehicle.Three-quarters partial covers, which rise the majority of the lorry as well as cover the rear.KBW Hot Rods can provide assistance throughout the design process to obtain the best result for your individual preferences and budget plan. Cars and truck Protection The excellent vehicle upgrade ought to enhance your experiences behind the wheel while additionally protecting the lasting monetary investment. It is a specifically relevant concern for hot rod proprietors and also classic automobile drivers. Custom-made automobile wraps are the best solution.For starters, the plastic lorry cover is positioned over the paintwork, which implies the initial paint task is secured. No damage can be created to the original body paintwork. So, as

long as the customized vehicle cover is removed in the correct fashion, the automobile’s allure will be kept in best condition. This offers two crucial functions: Gain the most effective price when you make a decision to sell.Restore the hot rod to its initial search in later years.The plastic material and lamination in addition secure the vehicle body from scratches as well as various other tiny damages


brought on by rocks

and similar troubles. Convenience A custom cars and truck cover brings optimum benefit to the table as well. As soon as the layout has been picked, KBW Hot Rods can generally finish partial and full wrap printing and also application inside one day.This makes it customized plastic auto wraps one of the quickest

upgrades available!Moreover, the fact that the plastic is entirely detachable suggests the job can be completed without any worries concerning a change of mind. It is a kind of upgrade that creates no adjustment to the efficiency or internal comfort of the automobile also, indicating there is no change period.Instead, you can focus on the crucial

benefits of; Included pride in the auto’s appearance.A distinct look that shows your individual preferences.The printing as well as application can be handled on-site by

our professionals, conserving you from the problem of waiting on parts, as well as sending out the lorry off for numerous weeks. Price Perhaps most significantly, custom automobile covers deliver a cost-effective upgrade.

The fast turnarounds lead to minimal labor while the lorry will call for marginal prep work ahead of the service, aside from a little cleaning.A complete cover can set you back a couple of thousand bucks for advanced

styles. Nevertheless, less costly choices are available.Crucially, the partial wrap services permit you to take control of the process to take cost-efficiency to an entire brand-new degree. It opens up a number of doors, however the most telling attributes for auto proprietors are that they can; Test out a shade inexpensively before dedicating to a brand-new paint job or complete vinyl.Get a whole make over while just altering a section of the vehicle body.There are a lot of added smaller advantages for picking automobile plastic covers, such as marginal maintenance. Ultimately, though, they are great for your funds in addition to your love of the vehicle.

custom car wraps near me



Custom car wraps are currently one of the hottest trends in the consumer automotive arena. In fact, projections state that the industry will surpass a value of $10.8bn by 2025, signaling a growth of over 500% inside a decade.

The facts show that vehicle wraps are now among the most popular forms of car customization for owners of modern cars and classic cars alike. But is it a good option for your hot rod?

Hot rod customizations need to be carefully considered before you give the green light on a proposed project, and vehicle wraps shouldn’t be any different.

If you’ve been searching for “custom car wraps near me”, the road to success starts here.

What exactly are custom car wraps?

A custom car wrap is a group of vinyl decals that are attached to the vehicle’s body to cover the paint job and create an entirely new look for the car. They can be manufactured and cut to perfectly match the dimensions of your vehicle, meaning that they are suitable for all models. As the owner of a hot rod, this customization signals an important selling point.

Vehicle wraps are available in a wide range of styles and finishes. The list includes glossy, gradient, matte finish, and chrome metallic color, as well as graphic treatments. The latter of those are often used by companies looking to brand their vehicles, but may also depict images that are suited to consumer requirements too.

The custom car wrap delivers an alternative to paint jobs and can be used on any vehicle of any age, including SUVs, bigger cars, and vans.

The custom vehicle wrap application process

Custom vehicle wraps can be completed on a DIY basis, but inaccuracies will severely damage the final outcome. A professionally applied car wrap will usually follow a simple three-step procedure:

Design – as well as choosing the right material and design features, this phase of the process includes accurate measurements of all car panels.

Manufacturing – the vinyl is printed and laminated to ensure that it is perfectly matched to your vehicle and protected against weather damage and potential fading.

Application – once printed the vinyl will be added using either a dry wrap or wet wrap method. The expert will decide which is best for each car panel.


Why are custom car wraps so popular?

Car owners from varying backgrounds view custom vehicle wraps as the #1 upgrade, and it’s not hard to see why. Custom car wraps alter the look of a vehicle with immediate results without altering its performance or safety.

When looking for ‘custom vehicle wraps near me,’ car owners can capitalize on the following key features:


First and foremost, vinyl car wraps offer complete flexibility during the design process. Aside from the various finishes as mentioned above, they can be printed to virtually any color or image imaginable. The only limit is your own creativity.

Furthermore, custom vehicle wraps can be designed to show different colors in varying lights or changing appearances from different angles. Boredom is simply not an option, especially as you can mix things up with a partial car wrap. Anything less than 100% body coverage is considered a partial vehicle wrap, with the most common solutions being:

Half partial wraps, which covers the rear and halfway up the vehicle.

Three-quarters partial wraps, which go up most of the vehicle and cover the rear.

KBW Hot Rods can provide assistance throughout the design process to get the best result for your personal tastes and budget.

Car Protection

The perfect car upgrade should improve your experiences behind the wheel while also protecting the long-term financial investment. It is a particularly pertinent concern for hot rod owners and classic car drivers. Custom car wraps are the perfect solution.

For starters, the vinyl vehicle wrap is placed over the paintwork, which means the original paint job is locked in. No damage can be caused to the original body paintwork. So, as long as the custom car wrap is removed in the correct manner, the vehicle’s appeal will be kept in perfect condition. This serves two key functions:

Gain the best sale price when you decide to sell.

Restore the hot rod to its original look in later years.

The vinyl material and lamination additionally protect the car body from scratches and other small damages caused by stones and similar problems.


A custom car wrap brings optimal convenience to the table too. Once the design has been chosen, KBW Hot Rods can usually complete partial and full wrap printing and application inside one day.

This makes it custom vinyl car wraps one of the quickest upgrades available!

Moreover, the fact that the vinyl is completely removable means the job can be completed without any fears regarding a change of mind. It is a type of upgrade that causes no modification to the performance or internal comfort of the vehicle too, meaning there is no adjustment period.

Instead, you can focus on the key benefits of;

Added pride in the car’s appearance.

A distinct look that reflects your personal preferences.

The printing and application can be handled on-site by our experts, saving you from the hassle of waiting for parts, and sending the vehicle off for several weeks.


Perhaps most noticeably, custom car wraps deliver a cost-effective upgrade. The quick turnarounds result in minimal labor while the vehicle will require minimal preparation ahead of the service, aside from a little cleaning.

A full wrap can cost a few thousand dollars for more advanced designs. However, cheaper options are available.

Crucially, the partial wrap services allow you to take control of the process to take cost-efficiency to a whole new level. It opens up several doors, but the most telling features for car owners are that they can;

Test out a color cheaply before committing to a new paint job or full vinyl.

Get a whole new look while only changing a section of the car body.

There are plenty of additional smaller benefits for choosing car vinyl wraps, such as minimal maintenance. Ultimately, though, they are great for your finances as well as your love of the vehicle.

Custom car wraps for hot rod vehicles

Driving hot rod vehicles is immensely enjoyable, and your modernized classic car is probably your pride and joy. You will rightly want to scrutinize any potential upgrade.

There is no question that a fully personalized appearance can make the vehicle stand out with even greater authority. Given that the model is already something of a rarity, this can truly make you the king or queen of the road!

Nonetheless, you’ll naturally have several questions regarding the suitability of custom car wraps for hot rod vehicles. Some of the most frequently asked questions are answered below:

Will my hot rod be a candidate for a custom wrap?

Regardless of the car model, the full range of vinyl materials and laminates can be designed and produced to meet the specifications of the vehicle. Each individual panel will be accurately measured to match the vehicle while both the wet and dry application processes may be used to provide rapid results without compromising the quality of the work.

So, the answer is a resounding yes! We can custom wrap any make and model!


Can the hot rod vehicle wrap be completed in a day?

In most cases, yes. It is possible that some vehicles will require 2-3 days to complete the process. However, the speedy nature of the procedure is undoubtedly one of the key features of wraps for hot rod car wraps.

The days of waiting months for parts to arrive will become a thing of the past. When you have a need for speed, custom vehicle wraps deliver a brilliant solution!


Does it cost more for hot rod treatments?

The cost of a custom car wrap will vary from one project to the next. The vehicle model isn’t much of a deciding feature. Instead, you’ll need to consider the finish, the size of the car, whether it’s a full or partial wrap, and a range of other features.

Likewise, any preparations needed to the body of the car could influence the overall cost of the project too.

What maintenance is needed?

Weather exposure is the greatest risk to the car wrap as UV rays and grime will eventually ruin the esthetic appeal of the car wrap. The upside is that these rays won’t be able to damage the vehicle itself.

The best way to protect the vehicle and reduce the maintenance is to keep it in a garage or under a dust jacket. In truth, this is a smart move for the sake of the car’s overall health, with or without a custom car wrap.

Can I do it myself?

Technically, yes, you can custom wrap your own car. However, you would need the equipment and skills to complete various tasks ranging from measuring and car preparation to printing and application.

If you are only planning to add a custom wrap to one or two vehicles, using a professional service is the far smarter option for the sake of time, money, and the final results.

Removing a custom car wrap

Given that the custom car wrap is only a semi-permanent feature, it’s important to consider the removal process, even if that day won’t come for half-a-decade.

Assuming that the wrap is kept in good condition and does not begin to break away when you peel it off, the process can be completed in 3-4 hours by a professional team like KBW Hot Rods. It will usually cost a few hundred dollars.

However, a successful custom car vinyl removal restores the vehicle to its former glory! The look underneath should be identical to when you had the wrap applied. In turn, you will be able to enjoy the original style of the vehicle to its max.

You could even think about adding a brand new custom vehicle vinyl! Either way, the level of control is something that all hot rod drivers will embrace with open arms.

Potential negatives

Custom car wraps have enjoyed an increase in popularity for good reason. The technology makes it more accessible and affordable than ever before.

Before stepping on the gas, though, all car owners (hot rod or otherwise) should understand the limitations and reasons to potentially consider looking at alternative solutions. If nothing else, a thorough analysis will confirm that you’ve made the right decision.

The main issues that may cause you to have second thoughts about the custom car wrap upgrade are;

Custom vehicle wraps aren’t permanent, and usually need removing after five years.

The vehicle wrap can reduce the appeal of your asset when trying to sell it (although you can easily remove it).

A vehicle that boasts a custom wrap may be at a slightly increased risk of theft (although you can take safety precautions).

When designing a custom car wrap, you need a little creative vision to make it work (which is why we’re here with our years of experience to help).

Furthermore, a custom car wrap can only deliver its many benefits if it has been designed, printed, and applied in the right manner. This extends to the car body preparation.

For the sake of your time, money, and sanity, only a professional service will do. When searching for custom car wraps near me, you must check the credentials of any proposed expert.



When a vehicle is looking a little boring from the outside, a custom wrap is a perfect way to inject fresh energy without making permanent changes. It offers a sense of unique personalization that outweighs the impact of any standard paint job or internal upgrade.

Anyone hoping to strengthen their love of their vehicle can see great results from this upgrade. For car owners based in Michigan, ours is the only service you could ever need.

KBW Hot Rods boasts over 30 years of experience in the field while also specializing in hot rods, classic cars, and muscle cars. The harsh reality is that not all vinyl car wraps are built equally. Likewise, significant contrasts exist between different application services. If you want a professional outcome, you need to choose a professional team.

To learn more about custom car wraps for your hot rod, or to book your vehicle in for an upgrade, call us at 586-468-6008 today.

Elf Christmas Decorations For Your Vehicle or Fireplace

  • “HAVE YOU SEEN SANTA’S ELF?” – Start your Christmas right with these
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  • EASY TO ATTACH. Add a humorous touch to your holiday-themed vehicle!
    Attach the elf decorations without damaging the place you put them. Hang
    it anywhere safely in your house, to your vehicle, or in the office.
    Make your place or vehicle more adorable with these hanging Christmas
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    total length, 4 inches wide and 8 inches in the widest part. COLORS,

  • WORKS WITH ANY VEHICLE. It just doesn’t feel like Christmas has begun
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  • HAVE A JOYFUL CHRISTMAS. Decorate your home with these Plush Santa and
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