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Prior to we dig much deeper, allow’s just establish one standard fact regarding the human condition: with everything else being equivalent, we ‘d rather take it easy. It doesn’t matter which part of the globe you originate from or what you do for a living or what you resemble, if you are like many people, you prefer to have it easy. You ‘d rather shore. It seems that this tendency is constructed into the human awareness.

There’s a big trouble with our very normal human tendency to coastline through life: it deteriorates our individual competence. Bad news. Skills, just in case you are not currently aware, is vital to any kind of success in life. The bottom line is that you need to understand what you are doing. You have to fulfill specific standard degrees of skills to move on, a lot less succeed, with your life.

Individual proficiency resembles a muscular tissue. Your muscle mass obtain stronger and more effective the a lot more you emphasize them out by putting pressure on them. You’re not mosting likely to establish significant, well specified and toned muscular tissues if you simply eat, consume and consume.

Individual proficiency resembles a muscular tissue. Your muscle mass obtain stronger and more effective the a lot more you emphasize them out by putting pressure on them. You’re not mosting likely to establish significant, well specified and toned muscular tissues if you simply eat, consume and consume.

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Recommended Video Marketing Fayetteville GA – Agency: Best Video Marketing Fayetteville Georgia

Successful Video Marketing Fayetteville GA – Agency: Top video marketing fayetteville georgia

Precision Internet Marketing 
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Video marketing is one of the most
reliable ways of bringing leads and sales to a
business. It refers to the use
of video ads to market or promote your brand
or offering throughout the Internet.

In other words, when you
use video advertising to promote your brand name, product,
or service, and
inform your potential and existing
clients, you are using video marketing.

According to a survey by Wyzowl–.

• 76% of the businesses which use
video marketing believe that it leads to a good ROI.

• 93% of companies think
that it increases user understanding of their product or service.

• And 72% of companies
believe that it has actually improved the conversion
rate of their website.

Through the use of videos,
customers are more going to
get marketing messages. According to a report from Hubspot
Research study, over 50% of customers like
watching videos over reading text. It is
always a great concept to
give possible
customers what they desire.

Videos have actually
revolutionized how services
get in touch with possible
clients. They have altered the
way a regional company
offers, the method consumers purchase,
the way customers take in, and the way
service teams preserve relations with the

Businesses use video
advertising on their sites to rapidly
discuss the products and services they offer, they utilize
video commercials on landing pages to describe how offerings
work and the benefits, videos are utilized on social networks posts to engage with the audience, and videos are
used on blogs to retain more readers.
83% of companies think their
home page explainer video ad to be
reliable, 78% think a video on social
media to be a fantastic
tactic, and 80% think video marketing on
blog sites generate a great ROI.

With video ROI is king. As soon as a video
commercial is ranked on YouTube and Google and it is shown to generate brand-new leads and customers that video
advertisement can bring in as much as 20x ROI because it can being in that page 1 position
possibly for years when
provided routine optimization.

Call us today to see how we can skyrocket your business with
video marketing.

Precision Internet Marketing 
(404) 667-7207


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Video Marketing Fayetteville GA – Agency:
Top Video Marketing Fayetteville

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Preparing Your Small or Local Business For Black Friday

here are so many things that you should, could do that it can easily overwhelm you. So to help

keep you on track and focused, here’s the main things to do to make your Black Friday Campaign 2020 a success:

The 4 Preparations that will make or break your Black Friday:

PREPARATION 1: Choose Your Discounted & Sales Items (or digital products if you’re not ECommerce)

Reduce prices on products that your customers will perceive as valuable to them. But not on everything you sell.

The goal of a discount is to encourage more sales. So you want to be strategic. What products, if discounted, 

will encourage your customers to buy more items?

PREPARATION 2: Prepare & Test Your Site

More than 50 percent of your site visitors will leave if pages don’t load quickly. 

Try to get it to load in 3 seconds or less.  The best tools to use are  PageSpeed Insights or GTMetrix

because they’ll test your speed and then give suggestions to improve it. Just remember, increasing your

speed by one second will highly increase conversions.

PREPARATION 3: Optimize your Product Descriptions

Now before you panic, it’s not the monster you think it is. If you have an E Commerce store with

100’s of products, you don’t have to update all of them. Focus on the few products that you’re going

to promote on Black Friday. Optimize them & move on or you’ll get stuck going down a rabbit hole that could take you months.

So write a product description that that focuses on the buyer and their pain…so relate to them on a deep level.

Use power words that move them to buy, and that the search engines will pick up on. For now just do descriptions

for your Black Friday products or services and move on to the rest of these.

PREPARATION 4:  Set Up Your Content Schedule

* The key is to create content that captures both your target audience as well as the search engines. 

So first, flush out your schedule. Decide the times and dates you’ll post to various platforms.

From there, develop your:  

Bonuses, Giveaways and special discounts: 

Ad, email & sales page adcopy

Your SM topics & headlines

Images & Video storyboards


Roughly 50% of consumers begin shopping before Black Friday. Here are the 3 marketing strategies you want to focus on:


Gift guides solve 2 problems at once:  They save time and they save hassle or stress of figuring out what to buy so leverage

this by coming up with a gift guide that motivates your target audience to purchase

MARKETING STRATEGY 2:  Definitely offer referral rewards. This will help you retain some of your customers from Black Friday to repeat customers but 

the other powerful thing about this is that you can use look alike audience targeting to gain an even bigger audience and scale

later on.

MARKETING STRATEGY 3:  Work on Increasing Average Order Value

Examples:  Free shipping after $100; Buy 2 products, get the third at 30% off; 15% discount on all orders over $200.00

By far, the most valuable of these is offering Free shipping.


SALES STRATEGY 1: Flash sales:  These work best in the evening; YOu can do daily flash sales or hourly. Can boost sales up to 35%

Trigger by emailing your list, posting on your page or in groups that will let you, posting on sm just before the sale

SALES STRATEGY 2: Donating a percentage to a well known charity

SALES STRATEGY 3: Offer a Black Friday / Cyber Monday Product Bundle – put in what peopel would generally purchase together

This works for ECommerce and digital products and services as well.


1)  Really develop your email subject headlines

2)  GO LIVE, GO LIVE, GO LIVE!!!  Generate excitement. Going Live boosts your reach also.

3)  Use specific trending Black Friday hashtags! 


1) Begin building excitement using phrases that draw attention and curiosity on your posts and ad copy:

“Countdown to Black Friday.”

“Shop till you drop.”

“Survive the Black Friday rush; shop our online store for X% off.”

“Buy more to save more” — a nifty Black Friday advertising slogan if you are using the average order value technique to sell to your audience.

“We are giving X% off on Black Friday!”

“Get X% off, only on black Friday.”

Use other renditions of these phrases consistently 

2)  Search ‘Black Friday Marketing Ideas’ on Pinterest and gain all the inspiration you need. Look at the pins and observe

the images and video clips to help you create stunning, irrisistible sm posts/ads

3)  Use The MicroVideos Online Black Friday Tool Kit & personalize it so it’s easier & customized to your business for next year.


1) If you find this helpful, please like, comment and subscribe. Hurry, right now, before you forget. I’d be so, so, so grateful.

2) Grab the FULLY LOADED Black Friday Tool Kit that includes a checklist  to keep you on track, power words for your ad copy, proven hashtags 

all the way New Year’s, a massive list of phrases and slogans to craft headlines and the most successful email subject lines 

that absolutely rock. And it’s all in one place so it’s easy to refer to and scrape from as you build your Black Friday campaign. (Link to Cheat Sheet/Scrape File in Youtube Description)

This will equip you with everything you need to make this Black Friday/Cyber Monday the best you’ve ever had. It’s all yours. Just

find the link to the Scrape File in the YouTube Description to gain instant access and get started right away.  

As always thanks for tuning in, never give up, never give in, & always pull from within! 

How to prepare your business for Black Friday

Motivation for hopeless and grateful in live

About the way of life. Show the way to the way of a good life between individual and community, not sellfish and suitable to share to anybody (friends, family, friens etc)


VideoRyno Review – Best Video Sales App in 2020

VideoDyno is a cloud-based videos sales app that lets you quickly create a high-converting video sales script using AI for ads and video sales letters for any product, in any niche by simply answering a few questions and then converting them into a video as well.

5 Reasons Why You Must Get VideoRyno

I know you’re on this website because you either have an online business that you want to scale up, or you want to start one.

And that’s why I want to share with you… three ways you can grow your business, or create a new source of income with the VideoDyno that I am currently promoting.

Don’t know about VideoDyno? So let’s get started:

#1: Building an email list

Of course, every online business needs an email list. And videos have been proven to increase opt-ins by 80%. So if you’re thinking of running a lead generation campaign, then use VideoDyno to create highly converting videos to add on the landing page. You will get higher than normal conversion rates for sure.

#2: Promoting your product/service

You must have noticed that every sales page out there has a video.

You know why?

Because sales pages with videos get 200 times more results than those without videos… In fact Mo Miah and I generated over 5 million dollars back in 2014 to 2016 with sales videos on our launch sales pages and upsells!

So if you’re selling any product or service online, use VideoDyno to create high converting sales videos for your sales pages…

#3: Starting a freelance script writing service

Script writers are few and far between, and they charge an arm and leg ($500+ a script). There is a gap in this small niche right now, come in and exploit it!

With VideoDyno, you can also start offering video script writing services on Fiverr or other freelance platforms…

This can become the “side-gig that replaces the full-time gig” So, with this software, you will no longer need to hire scriptwriters for your videos.

And since the software also creates the video itself for you, you won’t need to hire video makers too.

Pause a moment and think about all the cost-savings you will get from this.

PLUS the bumper leads, sales and profits you will get when you deploy this software to use in your business…

So, here are 5 reasons why you must get VideoRyno:

Reason 1:

Become a professional script writer charging 100s of dollars for a single script… You can easily become a 6-figure per year earner as a freelance video scriptwriter, and VideoDyno will help you achieve that easily.

Reason 2:

Videos will always get more engagements, and when used for ads, you will get lower CPC (Cost Per Click). So, if you’re driving traffic to your offers using either free or paid methods, use VideoDyno to create videos that will engage and convert your viewers to buyers or leads.

Reason 3:

Whether a video gets good or bad results, depends on the script used in creating the video. A great script will produce a video that brings good results, and that’s why video script writers charge an arm. Instead of hiring them, use VideoDyno to create powerful video scripts that suck in sales for you. And not just that, you can use it to create the actual videos in minutes.

Reason 4:

Selling a product using video brings 200% more sales than just using text to describe it. That’s why you need VideoDyno to create powerful scripts and convert them to videos (that will suck in massive sales for your products).

Reason 5:

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to passive income online. You presell a product, the vendor closes the sale. You don’t even need to support the customer, deal with refunds, or anything else. And you get paid a healthy percentage of each sale. You can even be paid just to send in leads!

Now you can easily script your videos to pre-sell like crazy, say exactly what you want them to say in your voice, or even a pro voice, and become a true blue super affiliate in literally any niche.

video sales app

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